Our Entry level system is very popular with owners of holiday homes. The system typically is used to power up to a 3 bedroomed home. The system is designed to run your lights, a low energy fridge/freezer combo, a washing machine on cold water (afternoon usage only), laptop / cellphone charging etc. A toaster and microwave can be used during daylight hours, as well as some smaller power tools and a small pump. It is not really designed for hairdryer or vacuum cleaner usage. Although you can use a TV, it is not recommended to run one after the sun has set to keep your batteries topped up for night time running of lights and the fridge. A gas oven and gas or solar geyser should be used.


The entry level solar system is made up of the following components:Picture of Entry Level Power

  • 820 watts of solar panels
  • 8 x 225 Ah deep cycle 6 volt batteries
  • 40 Amp MPPT charge controller
  • 3kw 48 volt pure sinewave inverter
  • Battery monitor
  • Fully installed, including all frames and wiring


PRICE: Please contact us for latest pricing